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  Neighboring (5), Building No. 71, Office 2 - 10th Of Ramadan, Egypt


Raafat Assar

Responsible for managing the company and implementing its policies approved by the members of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the four main functions that any manager exercises: planning goals, organizing resources, directing employees, and monitoring the conformity of results with goals.

Participate in the development of plans, strategies and visions that contribute to the growth and development of the company taking the fundamental and important decisions of the company that contribute to the implementation of long and short-term plans Assessment and control of potential risks to the company. Manage the company's capital and expenses in a manner consistent with its strategies. Contribute to setting the company's annual budget Communicate effectively with shareholders, employees, and government institutions it is the link between the Board of Directors and the management of the company and its activities and business.

Saad Al shazly

Technical Director

Good knowledge of technology, following up on everything new, and the ability to explain and interpret updates for different materials. The ability to evaluate the level of each employee or customer from the technical side and with regard to information technology. Good communication using phone or video calls. Logical thinking is one of the most important skills to have to deal with different devices. He is good at analyzing and discovering different ways to solve all problems.

Keeping abreast of developments in the field of helpdesk. Accurate understanding of software used by employees or clients.

Accuracy in keeping information, ability to organize that information, and attention to customers.

Omar Raafat

Purchases Manager

Planning and implementing a comprehensive supply chain strategy.

Collaborate with sales, operations and customer service teams.

Determine the performance measurement tools of the supply department.

Provide suggestions to improve operations.

Dealing with problems and providing appropriate solutions in a timely manner.

Training and evaluating the performance of employees periodically.

Work with the finance, sales and manufacturing team to identify the best sellers and distributors.

Build good relationships with sellers and maintain positive dealings.