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A synthetic amorphous, precipitated sodium magnesium aluminosilicate powder. Acts as a versatile, cost effective titanium dioxide extender. It is chemically synthesized using state-of-the art manufacturing technology. Exhibits high brightness, reduces pigment material costs and offers outstanding sheen control. Possesses good overall balance of physical properties in addition to titanium dioxide spacing capabilities. This chemically inert material improves color pigment & dispersion. It is stable and non-reactive under normal conditions. Is suitable for solvent borne and waterborne paints and coatings.


Is a calcined kaolin (calcined china clay), fine particle size, highly micronized powder designed for paints. Acts as a titanium dioxide extender to effectively reduce costs. Exhibits ultra-high brightness and dispersion properties. Exhibits good opacity and good tinting strength properties and Suitable for water- and- solvent based flat & eggshell paints, semi-gloss and specialty paints.


Natural barium sulphate. Acts as mineral filler. It is a chemically inert, inorganic mineral extracted from mines and refined into several granulometric ranges. It is a white, odorless, insoluble powder. It is incompatible with aluminum, phosphorous and their salts. It increases paint density. Suitable for industrial paint, synthetic enamels and powder paints.


Hollow Glass Microspheres is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic material with hollow structure, and it is a versatile and high-performance new lightweight material developed in recent years. The true density of Hollow Glass Microspheres is 0.20-0.60g/cm3 with 2-150μm in diameter. It owns features with light weight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity, high crush strength, and smoothly mobility etc. It can be used in paint and coatings,rubber,plastics,FRP, artificial stone, putty and other products as filler and weight-reducing agent. High-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres can replace conventional filler, such as silica, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, clay etc.. The unique spherical shape of Hollow Glass Microspheres helps it blend readily into compounds and makes them adaptable to a variety of production processes including spraying, casting and molding. Hollow Glass Microspheres GS series with good hydrophobicity are suitable for oil drilling industry, composite materials, painting and coatings.